We, Kim en Camilla, are two individuals with a shared passion. We love to share our passion, our enthusiasm and energy in a way that gives others that same feeling. A feeling of happiness.

At our young age we have seen some of the beauty that the world has to offer, but we are very much at the beginning of a long, inspiring journey to come. We would like to take you with us on that journey, and feel the same amazements as we do.

Twinterior is a fresh, new interior & lifestyle webshop, based in the Netherlands. It is for those who love to fill their homes with a positive energy, all collected in a range of products that showcase the things we find and love. We continuously look for products that are stylish, decorative, spirited, and effortless. A little bit bohemian, a little bit ethnic, classic, all set in a contemporary, Scandi tone.

We hope you will feel as enriched as we do after experiencing the lovely, positive energy our products bring to your home.