How to style it: white pots

Summer is coming. Last two weeks we exactly got to experience some of it already with temperatures over 25 degrees celcius! These early hints of summer always get us so inspired that we want to make the house summer proof instantly. Looking at our collection we have a range of products that suit all seasons perfectly, and then some are more for winter, and some are more for summer. If we had to pick one product that is a real eye catcher to use in Spring/Summer it would be the white terracotta pots. Anyone that has visited Santorini will recognize the look, because you see them a lot in that area. They have a Mediterranean style going on, but it is subtile. They are all handmade, and because of this they all have something special of their own. You can use them single as an ornament, more practical. You often see them with plants, but you can also use them to store let’s day umbrellas, or linen. We think they are absolutely gorgeous, and below we have made two moodboards to let you see what we see when we look at these beauties.

You can find our white terracotta pots here in our Homedecor section.



Photo’s by:

Three birds renovation
Sara Medina Lind
Pella Hedeby

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