Introducing: Charlotte Rhys home fragrances

In our search to complete our first collection, Camilla had a hard time finding something home fragrance related that really fit the Twinterior style and had the right ”vibe”. After maybe even weeks of searching, she eventually found the brand Charlotte Rhys. 

Taking a look at their products they all looked absolutely amazing. Charlotte Rhys has this lovely minimal, monochrome style going on which also has such a luxurious look. Then, there was one other, very important detail to the Charlotte Rhys concept that really got us captivated. As nice as their products look they are all about being Kind to You and Kind to Nature. Charlotte Rhys has a stringent green policy and is committed to the protection of natural resources and to reducing negative impact and stress on our environment. For Charlotte Rhys, but definitely also for us, nature counts as a big source for inspiration. This is why they find it so important to constantly maintain a fine balance between cutting-edge technology and nature. In our opinion these kind of brand are incredibly valuable. Being commercial as a shop or brand is necessary since you need to develop your business. However, this is not something that needs to go at the expense of something as valuable as the beautiful nature around us.

Charlotte Rhys is a true South African brand and all of their products are being developed at their own factory in Cape Town. Their products are made using natural, organic and botanical ingredients. Something that Charlotte Rhys and our previous introduced brand, Nuori, have in common. I think we do not have to explain the company’s motto..

” Luxury with a Conscience .. ”

We are very proud to offer you some products of their collection. You can find them all here in the Twinterior webshop. Currently we have two scents of their diffusers and 340 grams large candlelights. You can find images below! 🙂

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