Mook pancakes

Last weekend we visited our friends in Amsterdam for a fun night out. Even before we stept in the car heading to Amsterdam I knew where I wanted to have breakfast the next morning: Mook pancakes!
I think it was on Instagram where I first got to know about Mook pancakes. I probably saw one of their gorgeous looking pancakes on someones picture – yes, besides me, the camera also loves them. In the car I contacted them to reserve a table, but apparently it was not possible, you just walk in and pick your table. So that is what we did 🙂 Walking in, their interior looks simple, white, with just the right accents of colours and greens. In my opinion that is also what their pancakes are about. The pancakes are baked with organic spelt- and oatmeal flour, so no additives – simple, true ingredients. And then they add just the right amount of colour by making the most amazing toppings with fruits, chocolate, honey, but also savoury ones like one we had with salmon. 
So after having a look at the menu, we all thought the same thing: how on earth are we going to choose?! We all chose a different one, and since we were sitting next to the open kitchen we could see them being baked and prepared for our eating frenzy. Luckily, we had a +1 joining us to keep us busy during our little wait. Our friend took Frits along, a way too cute dachshund puppy, who – besides biting his rope, because ropes are apparently perfect for flossing – behaved like a star. He has the cutest face, and stares right into the camera without hesitation. After spending my time taking pictures of Frits, our pancakes arrived and they were incredible. I had some of the Chocolate Sensation, and the Heavy Mama Deluxe – sound intriguing, no?
You can have a look on the pictures below, and keep this in mind: they taste as good as they look 🙂
So whenever you are in Amsterdam and you think you are in the mood for pancakes, you know where to go now! Also important: super friendly staff!
See you soon Mook pancakes!


The Pink Lady: smoked salmon, crème fraîche, dill and olive oil
G.O.O.D Morning: fresh strawberries, greek yoghurt, granola, honey, cinnamon and an edible flower on top

The Heavy Mama Deluxe: banana, melted peanut butter, dates, honey, grated coconut and walnuts

The Chocolate Sensation: homemade chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and grated coconut

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