New favorite flower

Trying to fill the void the Christmas decorations left, I decided to buy a big bunch of flowers. Walking into the local flower shop I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for until I discovered my new favorite flower.

When I was little I always imagined that when I grew up I would have my own little, cosy flowershop. I would fill it with the most amazing flowers and always be mesmerized by their lovely scents. I don’t have a flowershop (yet?), but still love flowershops. So when I wanted to add a nice twist to my bedroom, I didn’t mind ging flowershopping at all.

Walking into  the shop I thought of a white, blue, or maybe even purple flower.. probably little ones. Those kind of flowers where available, but just didn’t have enough oomphf. Then I was drawn to a beautiful light pink colour scheme that consisted of big flowers and big flower buds. They where Chinese lilies and they were just what I was looking for; minimalist, bright and a feminine twist to a room. I think they look amazing on my sidetable, what do you think 🙂 ?


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