Our Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas spend with loved ones, I know we did. In this blogpost I will show you a little bit of our Christmas, mostly including food .. oops. 

Okay so we love Christmas, surprise, but the difficult part for us about Christmas is food. On not Christmas days – yep that is the rest of the year, well minus our holiday – we try to eat as sugar free as possible. I can hear the inventors of Christmas laughing just now. Yes it is challenging, and we are not able to 100% commit because then we would loose the Christmas jolliness. However, we make most things ourselves, so no additives involved 🙂

The thing I most look forward to is Christmas morning. We have big breakfast with all the things we love to eat on our large kitchen table. We exchange gifts, Michael Bublé is playing, and Guusje (our Jack Russel) is wearing her Christmas ribbon. Later that day, our grandparents came to join us for dinner which consisted of the following dishes: Goat cheese salad with dates, nuts, onions, beetroot and balsamic, next was a lobster pasta with a creamy tomato-lobster sause, and as dessert a white chocolate bavarois with red fruit. Fini! Everyting tasted really nicely, and we were very happy with the results! Tired as we were we spent the next day (we have two Christmas days in the Netherlands) on the couch with the fire watching Netflix for the first – but probably not the last – time. This time I remembered to take pictures, so scroll down to have a look 🙂
Oh wait! We have a surprise coming up on the last day of this year so keep an eye on our Instagram and blog so you do not have to miss out 🙂

Home made Christmas bread with almond paste, recipe here

Oh we also made a red velvet cake, I forgot that one! 

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