Christmas inspiration: Jolly Red

It’s Monday before Christmas, and you feel that everyone is making some last arrangements for this annual get together. Buying presents, finishing decorations, and planning the Christmas dinner dishes. On the tv they show you basically all the Christmas movies they have in there archive, and probably most of the time there is a Christmas song on the radio. I don’t mind. I think I like the days before Christmas even more than Christmas itself. The festy vibe that everyone is creating just makes me feel energetic. I love driving through the streets and seeing beautiful wreaths on doors and twinkle lights lighting up the entire neighborhood. 
Also, when I think of a classic, cozy christmas I think of the colour red. Red is warm, colorful and.. jolly! No wonder Santa’s suit is also red. Therefore I will be showing you some Jolly Red christmas inspiration to really get you into that cozy Christmas mode. I am not saying your entire interior should be red, but just a tiny accent of red can really complement it. I actually thought that finding nice images within this category would be a piece of cake – Cake! Who said cake?! – but it was actually quite a struggle to find pictures that had it for me. Now looking at them, they truly give me a Christmas feeling 🙂
Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy! 

Via Lantliv

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