Christmas inspiration: Romantic country

First weekend of December: Christmas mode is definetely on! Tomorrow 5th of December we celebrate another holiday called Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Dutch), but I feel this is more a holiday for small kids and it is a holiday that is mainly focussed on giving and receiving presents rather than decorations and a nostalgic feeling. Sooooo.. we are starting up the Christmas deco!

The second style of Christmas inspiration that we wanted to share with you is called ”Romantic country”. Why is it called romantic country? Simply because it has a romantic, cozy, vibe and the decorations are mostly in earthy tones. Lot’s of wood, greens, lights, and not a great lot of excessive colors. A little bit country style to say 🙂 Personally, this is my favorite style. These are the type of homes that I think af when I want to ”drive home for Christmas”. To enter the doorstep and feel the warmth of the fireplace, to see some lovely subtile twinkle lights and to recognize the smell of the green in the house which reminds me of the woods, nature. Tonight I will definitely snuggle up under a nice blanket and start dreaming about.. a white Christmas maybe?
Picture by Park and Oak
Picture via Home esthetics

Home of Amanda SmĂĄland Picture from Carina Olander

Picture via Helena Skarp

Picture from The White Company
Picture from Lilla Vila Vita

Picture from Angie Wendricks @countyroadliving

Picture from Lina Ă–stling via Lovely life

Picture from Basic label Sweden
Picture from A Country farmhouse

Picture from Flickr/Studio Choo via Homes nine
Picture from Melissa Coleman @thefauxmartha
Picture via Cote Maison
Made a print screen from instagram, and now I can’t find the page.. HELP!
Picture from Aedriel Moxley @aedriel

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