De drie Graefjes – Amsterdam

They say spontaneous actions are often the best, in this case our visit to “De drie Graefjes” in Amsterdam was indeed very fulFILLING.

That day I just wanted cake. Oh wait.. I always want cake. Never mind. Anyways, it resulted in us going to Amsterdam visiting De drie Graefjes which I had spotted all over instagram for some time.
De drie Graefjes is an American bakery that serves the best cakes and cupcakes. It has several establishments in Amsterdam, but the one at the Rokin is where the cakes are actually baked. We went with six girls and ordered the lemon-meringue, red velvet and carrot cake.  The atmposphere is simple but cute, high teas all around you. If you are also having some tea or coffee, DONT eat the deliciously looking cookie. Not because it’s not nice, but you will need the tummy space for that huge slice of heaven.  
Writing this blogpost has made me so hungry! Have to go again soon 🙂
x Camilla
Picture by De drie Graefjes

Picture by De drie Graefjes
Picture by De drie Graefjes

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