Custom tribal necklace stand

More than a year ago I bought the most amazing tribal shell necklace in Antwerp. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t come with a stand. Now, I just received my very own, custom made, necklace stand! 🙂 

I had already contacted some experts about making the stand when I found out we actually had a family member who worked in metal manufacturing. I contacted Marcus, owner of Goldsteen metal manufacturing and design, and lucky for me he was happy to make one for me!

Marcus made a 2D design in no-time, and I only had to send the measurements of the necklace to complete it. Being a little bit anxious about my own measuring, I re-measured and (thank god) found out in time that it wasn’t completely right yet. After that, materials were ordered, and within a week or so I was contacted that the necklace was ready to be picked up. 
Originally I wanted to paint the stand black, but having it on my side table, I have to say I really like the steel-look so I think I will keep it this way. Every morning when I wake up and it brings a smile on my face 🙂
Enjoy your sunday!
X Camilla

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