Christmas inspiration: Trendy minimal

I know I know, November just started. But then again it is only 52 days until Christmas, I mean that is less than 7 weeks to prep your whole mind, plans, recipes and home for this annual event!  I don’t know about you, but I sure need my time 🙂

Christmas decoration is not something you can all put in the same box, there are a lot of different styles to take into consideration. Since I don’t like putting like 50 images in one single blogpost, I thought it would be a good idea to split it all up. The coming weeks I will be sharing Christmas inspiration with you in the following styles: Trendy minimal, Romantic country & Jolly red. Starting with Trendy minimal, we start with the style that actually shows probably the least intense sort of Christmas decoration. This style is characterized by monochrome colors, white, black, and earthy tones. Not surprisingly this  style can be found a lot with a great number of Scandinavian bloggers. I personally love the subtileness of this style. Christmas decoration doesn’t need to be big and in your face to give you a warm, cozy Christmas feeling. Also, I think it is quite a big plus that you can start putting it in your home a little earlier because it is not so loud. A little decoration here and there, in the same tones as the rest of the decoration. Simple green wreaths, some twinkle lights an candles can already do the trick. I love the easiness this style has to it. Below you can find some of my inspirational favorites. 
DIY by Homeyohmy
Picture and home by Elisabeth Heier
Picture from/via Rebecca Centrén
Picture from Vtwonen 
Picture from Stylizimo
Picture from Stylizimo
Picture from Meandzebedee
Picture from The Merrythought 
Picture via Myscandanavianhome

Picture via Meidan Harmoniaa
Picture from Nordic leaves
DIY by Homeyohmy
Picture by Stylizimo
DIY from Ruemag
Picture via Myscandanavianhome
Picture via Digsdigs
Picture from Bloomingville

Picture from Sara Medina Lind 

Picture from Elisabeth Heier

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