Ibiza trip: Food & drinks

So.. last one of our Ibiza trip coming up: Food & drinks! Something that Ibiza has plenty of, which means having to choose your favorites and making reservations in time. 
Since Camilla is that kind of planner, this does’t seem to be a problem for us ๐Ÿ™‚ We made some reservations before heading to Ibiza just to prevent disappointments, because we knew we desperately wanted to visited some new places. Ofcourse we had already been to Ibiza before and went to some really nice restaurants, but wanted to try new ones to get to know more about the islands and its must-see places. 
If you have read our other blogposts, you might recognize this name. On our first day we visited this place because it was very close to the airport, but also because it was basically on the top of our list t visit for lunch. We also visited El Chiringuito the last time we were in Ibiza, so we knew what we could expect. No surprises there: the venue is gorgeous, the people are super nice, and the food is amazing! I especially love the goat cheese salad with red beets, walnuts and honey. Camilla was a feeling a bit hungover from the early flight, so she chose a cheese burger, but no ordinary one! We highly recommend visiting El Chiringuito to have a lovely beach lunch ๐Ÿ™‚
This one is the restaurant I chose to visit, and I was so happy I did! I had seen a lot of pictures on social media about Cotton beach club, and was amazed by the view in combination with an all white interior. Definitely wanted to check that one out! Cotton beach club offers two restaurants: The Grand Terrace, and Fay. The first  serves Mediterranean/Metro cuisine & sushi a la carte (YES!), and Fay is all about Asian fusion food. We chose to go to The Grand Terrace for lunch. The entrance to the restaurant is already a true gem to look at, old vespa scooter included. We were seated at a nice round table overlooking the clear blue waters of Cala Tarida. Not surprisingly, we ordered sushi – I am getting hungry as I am typing this – and I think this was the best I have ever tasted. So fresh, so tasteful, so.. okay just bloody perfect! Later we heard that the chef is the best sushi chef on Ibiza, which makes sense to me ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Yes, yes, yes – three times that is! After our Cala d’Albarca morning walk, we visited this place because it was on our way back to the appartement. Since I am quite into making healthy smoothies, and Camilla and I try to eat as healthy, and preferably organic as well we thought it would be perfect to stop by this lovely place to have a nutritious start of the day. Owner Cliff Grubin has spent a lot of time and energy in a quest to live an aware and healthy life. I agree with him on the fact that a lot of people today are being misinformed about health and food. Food is a lot about habits, and also about breaking habits in order to find more healthy choices. Red beets is a place that makes you become familiar with these healthy choices without having to sacrifice on flavour and enjoyment. It serves new, surprising food combinations which taste as good as they are nutritious. Camilla and I had a chocolate truffel, which was not made of chocolate but tasted just as good, and maybe even better. It even looked much nicer covered in all kind of eatable flower leaves ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I had left without eating or drinking anything, I would leave this place with an energized feeling because of all the good vibes! 
La Paloma, La Paloma .. it just sounds good already. Camilla already found this place before we took of to Ibiza, and one of our friends who joined us in Ibiza also recommended to go since she already went there, so we did! I actually did not know what to expect, I had seen pictures but it was quite different than the type of restaurants we had visited in Ibiza. La Paloma is a unique place, very authentic looking, with authentic food. All the food they serve is fresh, and homemade. La Paloma is a family restaurant – owned by a big family, and welcome to families. Fresh, homemade food in a simple and friendly atmosphere, that is what La Paloma is about! Chef Prasuna serves food which is based on italian recipes mixed with spices and flavours of other cuisines. One of La Paloma’s unique element is also that they show their menu on a chalk board. On the front side you have your starters and main dishes and on the back the desserts. They choose a small menu in order to serve fresh food instead of just offering a large choice. What I am very disappointed in is myself, and then I mean the fact that I did not take pictures of the food! If food looks delicious, I tend to forget that.. It’s just me and the dish – not the camera. 
On our last night we went to Can Bass, also recommended by one of our joining friends. This restaurant opened last June, so it is new on Ibiza this season. It has a very nice scenery, and open plan terrace. The styling of the restaurant has a Mediterranean ease, with a big splash of Bali vibes. They have successfully created a terrace which has a big number of tables, but still feels intimate because they used high doors and other ways to make some separate areas. You could notice that everything was quite new and starting up – there were some issues with our waitress – but when the food was served we were happy ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a very nice dinner, for a very good prize – could be a year one strategy, but we did not mind! This would be a type of restaurant I could recommend to any one. They serve dishes from Italian food to hamburgers to sushi to typical Spanish food, something to like for everyone. I am curious about their development the coming seasons! 

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