Ibiza trip: Nature

Home for some time now, we’re still having some after-fun from our Ibiza trip. Our suntans haven’t faded yet because of the ridiculously good Dutch weather, and memories remain. One of the best amongst these memories is Ibiza’s nature.

We already mentioned the beaches, but Ibiza has so much more to offer. The north of Ibiza is less crowded, and therefore nature is more unspoilt but all over the island are nice spots to be discovered.
We love to chill on the beach, but have to lose some energy to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. So we decided to go hiking! We woke up at 6 AM to be ahead of the heat and so we could still be on the beach pretty early.

1. Cala d’Albarca

For our first hike, I wanted to start with a bang, so I picked my favorite route. Cala d’albarca is situated in the North of Ibiza, near the Port de Sant Miguel. Drive to Sant Mateu and follow the signs to Cala d’albarca to get to the trails. We drove a little bit up already, so the hike woudn’t take too long. We parked the car, and started walking. Following the trail, which went up and down we finally got to a vantage point with one of the best views I had ever seen. I was left mesmerized. There was nobody to be seen, it was oh so quiet and the sun started rising.

2. Es vedra

For our second hike we chose to go to Es Vedra. This was our second time on Ibiza and we hadn’t seen the big magical rock yet. We drove to the west side of the island  and as we got out of the car, we could walk right, left and straight on. We decided to walk straight on, which seemed to be the most reasonable decision. We walked, walked, climbed rocks and walked some more (The description said it would only take us 15 minutes and we were already walking for half an hour!)  until we got on top of a little hill. From there we could see the the Es Vedra viewing plateau. We went completely the wrong direction and were now near the Pirate tower. We decided to walk past the tower towards the plateau, but we lost the trail so the hike was quite demanding. We finally got to the viewing point and started walking back to the car. Turns out, if we would have walked right, it would have only taken us 5 minutes. Definitely won’t be forgetting this hike though!

3. Hacienda na Xamena

Being me, I had a lot on my holiday wish list of which Hacienda na Xamena was one of the most important ones. We visited the spa of Hacienda na Xamena, la Posidonia, a visit last time we were on Ibiza and it was unforgettable. And it was yet again. First of all the design of the hotel is amazing, the staff is unbelievable nice, the experience relaxing and best of them all; the view amazing. This is also the reason why this experience is mentioned in this episode. While enjoying the jet streams of the Cascadas Suspendidas, you get to enjoy the best view to some of the most unspoilt nature of the island.

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