Ibiza trip: Shops

So here we go for the second post about our Ibiza trip: Shops. As true ladies, we can’t deny we love to do some shopping next to our beach focussed activities.

For Camilla and me this mainly means to find some unique shops, and wonder around a bit. The ”regular” shops can also be found at home, so I prefer not to spend much time on those. Naturally, Ibiza – known for its hippie like culture – has a lot of bohemian focussed shops. There are also several markets that you can visit such as Las Dalias and Punta Arabi, but we did not manage to visit those this time unfortunately. Prior to our arrival in Ibiza, Camilla searched the internet for interesting shops, and fortunately we got to visit them all! 🙂
1. El Chiringuito 
Our first day on Ibiza we went to a beach called Es Cavallet remember? At this beach we went to beach club El Chiringuito for sunbeds and lunch, but this beach club also happens to have two very cute little shops. One before entering the beach club – on the parking lot to be exact, and one near the showers. The first one sells everything you would expect in an Ibizian store; bags, bracelets, hats, beach dresses, home accessories etc. The second one is more focussed on clothing. Such goods vibes 🙂

After we had spend our afternoon at Cala Moli, we decided to stop at this shop called Happinez, which Camilla read about. The shop is located in San Josep, and has a mix of clothing and interior products. Next to some ”Ibiza focussed” products, they also sell more established brands like Yaya, Pomax and Tinek home. Three of us bought something there – I even chose my own birthday present as it turned out. I said to one of our friends that I liked the Ibiza cook book, which you can also find on one of the pictures below, and she bought it. Later, I got it as a birthday present 🙂 Instant happiness feeling! 

Before having dinner at La Paloma we stopped at the shop called ”La Galeria Elefante”. Sometimes when you don’t have any expectations, you end up being amazed. That’s what happened for me at La Galeria Elefante. We parked our car and I honestly did not know what kind of shop we were going to see. After setting foot into La Galeria Elefante my eyes literally did not know where to look. Everywhere you look you see the loveliest pieces, all with a ethnic touch, brought together in this shop that has doorways which are even small for me – trust me that’s small. Every time I entered a new room, I found myself having a little – ahw – moment. You can just feel the passion of the owners who put this all together. Thank you so much!

After La Galeria Elefante, we stopped at Sluiz. Dutch glory on Ibiza! Dutch owners Hans and Yvonne  are all about beautiful and exciting products that make your lifestyle more colorful. And colorful they are! Their shop is gigantic and is filled with colour, fun, and sometimes unusual items. Next to interior products, they also sell clothing. Moreover, you can enjoy a lovely drink, snack, lunch on their terrace. This shop actually feels quite artistic, like a gallery. Different, and quite a unique shop to find in Ibiza!
Picture from Sluiz

Picture from here
One day we had rain and clouds – not quite the beachy type of weather. So… we went shopping! Our first stop was at Code Ibiza, a fashion store with exclusive brands. The shop is situated in a gorgeous old farmhouse, so I did not see much clothing being to busy making pictures 🙂 Unfortunately, I was only allowed to shoot outside – fortunately a very pretty outside! Their whole collection is incredibly stylish with also some very nice jewelry, leather bags and shoes. Definite worth a visit if you are looking for quality brand with a very natural look. 

This was a little shop in the centre of Santa Gertrudis, situated near the church. Es Cucons La Tienda is build inside a fink-style building, with all kinds of little rooms. Each little room is dedicated to certain category like homewares, kitchen, but also kids, and in the back you will find the clothing department. Very, very cute. They also sold Pomax, which is a Belgian brand we know quite well! 

Picture from White Ibiza

Picture by Kim Hendriks, if not stated otherwise

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