Ibiza trip: Beaches

A week ago already, we landed on Dutch soil again after spending a week in Ibiza. Me and Camilla went with three friends, so we had a group of five to share an apartment with.

We chose to go to Ibiza because of a few reasons. Firstly, we liked to go back to a place we had been before since we only visited new places the last few years. Secondly, Ibiza is an island which is not too small and not too big which means  you can see and do a lot in one week without doing things over and over again. Ibiza has sun, nice beaches, good food and a bohemian vibe which we really like. 
We saw a lot of nice, and also new things which I am going to share with you! It seems like a bit too much to share in one blogpost, so I will divide our Ibiza tips into four different blogposts: Beaches, Shops, Nature and Food & Drinks. So let’s start with beaches 🙂
1. Playa Es Cavallet 
Okay, so on day 1 we went to Es Cavallet because of two reasons: Firstly, it is very close to the airport, so perfect if you (like us) just landed and want the fastest way to the beach or when you are about to take of. Secondly, they have an amazing restaurant on the beach, a must visit when you are on Ibiza! I like Es Cavallet because it is not too crowded, and they also have really nice sun beds. However, Es Cavallet is unfortunately also known for its seaweed so not the best swim water.

2. Cala Conte
The second day we liked to visit a new beach, one we had not visited the last time we were on Ibiza. On Instagram we saw a lot of gorgeous images at a beach called Cala Conte, and since we had lunch at a place nearby that afternoon we decided to go. We parked the car, walked up a little and reached some sort of small platform/cliffs that overlooked these beautiful crystal clear waters. The beach was pretty crowded because a lot of people came to see the beautiful blue, but who could blame them. A little bit too much people to spend an entire beach day, but we were very happy to have stopped at this place before heading for lunch. 
Picture by White Ibiza
3. Cala Moli 
Then we decided that it would be a good idea to visit a nice pool to have a non-salty beach day. Camilla found this new place called ”It Cala Moli”, a beach club with a pool – a few steps from the beach, which opened last May. It looked amazing on their website, so we decided to go. As we walked from the car to the beach club we saw the blue water from the pool slowly coming closer. We were the first people to arrive that morning, so we had the freedom the choose the first beds en enjoy some exotic-spa like-beach day. Nice music, lovely styling, kind staff, we definitely recommend going to It Cala Moli 🙂

4. Las Salinas
We went to this beach after having a cloudy/rainy day the day before. Location wise it is actually quite close to Playa Es Cavallet, where we went the first day. However, the water at Las Salinas is lovely for swimming, super clear and seaweed free. We decided to go for sun beds at a beach club called ”Jockey club”, which I thought was quite funny since we are equestrians. No horses on the beach though, strange, okay maybe not so strange. We arrived around 10:30 AM, and at that time basically all sun beds had already been spoken for, so if you demand on having sun beds here you better arrive even earlier! For us it was no biggy, we laid down our towels on the soft sand and made our own eco friendly beach beds. Camilla and I spend most of the day playing beach tennis in the lovely big blue anyways 🙂 
Picture by White Ibiza

Picture by White Ibiza

5. Cala Jondal 
On our last day we went to Cala Jondal, to beach club Tropicana. Our friend had been to Ibiza this summer a couple of times, and she loved this beach, so we were very curious to see it. Cala Jondal is a lovely situated beach, not too big, between two rocky hills. Quite differently then the other beaches we went to, this beach was quite rocky in its entirety. Not really a straight walk into the ocean, but beach club Tropicana, and also the infamous Blue Marlin beach club, have a small bridge into the ocean that leads you just across the rocky part. We also had a lovely lunch on the beach, but I will talk about that in a different blogpost 🙂 
Picture by White Ibiza 

Picture by Kim Hendriks, if not stated otherwise

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