Poppy & Co

A line that pops in to my mind quite often is: SO MANY great brands are based in Australia! It’s unbelievable! My newest discovery: Poppy & Co
Poppy & Co is a luxe lifestyle brand created by the family behind Hope & May. The brand is inspired by exotic islands, nomadic travel and lust for raw luxury. The product range consists of effortless resort wear, alongside luxurious home decor and eclectic furniture pieces, all equally great. 

Their awfully cute bracelets and clutches have a more often seen look, but their home accessories are definitely one of a kind. The patterns have resemblenses with portuguese tiles, while the sticking of the pillows is so admirably subtile. We’ll keep following the brand to see what more they will be bringing to the table, for now it’s all just lovely 🙂 .

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