Ubuntu beach – Zandvoort

Last week summer struck the Netherlands with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. Perfect excuse to go out for a beach day. 

Normally we go to Knokke-Heist in Belgium, but since this is quite a long drive we thought about trying some of the Dutch beaches. After reading some nice reviews, and getting tips from our friends, we decided to go to Ubuntu beach in Zandvoort. With these high temperatures we were so happy to reach the beach after finally having found a parking spot. We just laid on our sun beds the entire afternoon, and then decided to have dinner on the beach. The Ubuntu beach club is known for its international look. It has a relaxed, surfy, but stylish look. Made me really feel like I was on a holiday abroad! We had a very nice shared starter with all the different startes in a small portion, then a caesar salad as a main, and a piece of heaven for dessert. I unfortunately do not have pictures of the desserts because I could wait to dig in – I blame it on the sugar 🙂 Moreover, the service was very nice. Everyone was super kind and happy to help, which always contributes to an even better experience. 
All in all, I like the beach and surroundings of Knokke-Heist more, BUT.. I think it is such a shame that the beach clubs there are not allowed to serve dinner. This is a big plus for Zandvoort, and we had such a nice one at Ubuntu. Thanks a lot! (and props to the dessert chef).

Photos by Kim Hendriks

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