Oslo trip: Food & Shopping

In our previous post you could read all about our recommendations to see the green side of Oslo . Today I am going to round up our Oslo trip with some very nice food and shopping tips. 

We have ofcourse already spent some time on the restaurants Olivia and Kolonihagen, but we have some more lovely stops for you to take into consideration. 

I think it was the first morning that we visited this cute bakery in the area Damplassen. Its history goes back to 1920, and the oven that was then built is still being used today. Just like back in the day, they use true ingredients and manpower to make products that they are proud of. I think we chose chocolate croissants and .. guilty pleasure.. macarons for the way. Yummy. 

As a surprise, Jan (our Norwegian uncle) took us to Mathallen. In the Netherlands we have the markthallen in Rotterdam, which is basically the same idea but this one is smaller, and less mass minded. It is actually a big food court with a lot of small restaurants and shops where you can taste, and taste, and taste.  That is a task you can leave to us! We decided to sit down at a bar where they served the best bruschetta’s ever, a lot of different toppings and each one as delicious as the other. 

Yesssss Paradis! I guess it is called like that for a reason. Paradis make homemade Italian ice-cream, and other ice based delicacies and they are based in Aker Brygge, but they also have a little shop in Mathallen. We visited both.. guilty. Their icecream has such a deep, natural flavour, that is something so different than you find in the supermarkets today. After tasting theirs, I noticed I started to compare all other icecream to their icecream.. I guess it is a long distant relationship that I am not willing to give up. Try the Amarena cherry with chocolate combination – H E A V E N 
We came to Oslo to surprise our aunt for her birthday, but needed a plan. That is when Jan came up with the idea to go out for dinner for her birthday with the family, but me and my sister would already be sitting at their table unannounced. So that is what we did at Delicatessen. It is a very nice tapas restaurant with a rustic industrial vibe to it. They have a lot of nice little dishes, and it has a very easy vibe. You can go there with any sort of company.

So we also did quite some shopping.. haha.. Not very surprisingly. Since we often just walk into a random store, and then cross the street to another one and another one, I will not bore you with all of them. I picked out my two favourites: Tatler in the Bogstadveien area, and Eger which is really in the main center of Oslo. They are both shops with a lot of top brands which represent high quality clothing. However, Eger is muuuch bigger since it represent a larger number of brands, also for men and children. In the Netherlands we have de Bijenkorf, which is quite like it.

For interior goes the same as fashion. However, I expected to see more interior shops since most trends focus so much on the scandanavian design. If you cross the road at Mina Milanda you will find Bond street essentials at the corner. It quite a little shop, but it is filled with all high quality products. Quite luxurious, and a little bit like the Belgian Flamant brand, with a lot of nice colors. Then we also visited Illums Blights, which is a 10.000 m2 design house with all kinds of scandanavian brands. So if you are looking for a place to keep you occupied for a while, than that is the place to do it! 

Bond Street Essentials
With this post comes an end to our Oslo journey. I hope you have enjoyed, and should you have any questions or maybe even tips for us for the next time we visit, please comment below! 🙂
Love, Kim 

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