Summer finally arrived in the Netherlands *happy dance*! Time to hit the beach and accessorize your house beach-style. The perfect item: a sea fan.
A while ago when we where visiting our friends in Amsterdam, I spotted the loveliest sea fan in a store of ANNA+NINA. This one was positioned on a beautiful wooden stand, but there are so many other ways to exhibit it.
I was intreged by this ocean-habitant and very curious to get to know the diverse ways to show this beauty off. I got to know that bestides putting it on a stand, it can also be framed or put under a bell jar!
Please do pay attention to the origin of the sea fans though, and whether the species isn’t endangered. As lovely as they may be, as important they are for many ecosystems.
Looking at the sea fans on the pictures below maken me want to go snorkling :). Other than that, the sea fan gives your interior a natural an simple beachy touch.


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