Oslo trip: Mina Milanda

As you know, we made a trip to the mountains near Oslo last February. After spending a few days in the mountains, we also spend a day in Oslo. On of the first things our aunt wanted us to see: Mina Milanda. Unfortunately, the shop was closed because it was Sunday, so a promise was made to return the next trip. So that’s what we did. 

Located on the Frognerveien street, you have to walk through a small, cute alley to reach Mina Milanda. In this alley you can already find products of the shop stored on the side, from ceramics to the loveliest peonies. Even before you have entered the doorstep of the shop, you will feel mesmerized by all the things they have put outside. 
The main colour that Mina Milanda focusses on is white, which you can see everywhere. White.. you would think this could become kind of.. plain? Well think again, because Mina Milanda gives white a whoooole new dimension. Every single corner of the shop caught my eye, I just hád to go have a look. The best flowers, candles, marble, pots.. I felt so inspired. I always love flower shops, they are all nice, but Mina Milanda is one of a kind. It has such a unique look and feel, which makes it stand out from all the flower shops I have ever visited. 
So my first tip when visiting Oslo: Mina Milanda
Visit their website on: www.minamilanda.no
Love, Kim 
You have to walk trough the alley to reach the shop

Camilla’s personal favorite flower in the shop: Sweet peas

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