Oslo trip: Milla boutique

How funny, I just now found out that this amazing store’s name is also one of my nicknames “Milla”. Probably not a coincidence that I like the shop so much 🙂

Milla boutique was one of the first stores we visited and immediately caught our hearts. We found ourselves gazing at the huge closet full of awesome coffeetable books and smiling at the details we spotted throughout. Located at Aker Brygge, Milla boutique is very conveniently positioned close to many nice restaurants and bars. 
The product range was huge, offering sunglasses to pillowcovers to vases, but everything was so cohesive. The ground floor is set in a black kind of vibe, while the space on the first floor has more of a natural style to it. This was one of the first, but also one of the nicest stores we visited. We bought the parmezan basil salt as a gift for our mother. In this way we could give her a gift and enjoy it ourselves as well 😉 .
XX Camilla


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