Hotel IX, a true gem in Amsterdam

Our Norwegian family will visit us in the Netherlands in July, and would like to stay in Amsterdam for two nights as well. The travel agent I am, I immediately began searching for the hotel that would give them a true and unique Amsterdam experience. I recommended them Hotel IX.

Being the only actual hotel in the “Negen straatjes” area, Hotel IX is a guarantee for an unique experience. The hotel is situated in a building that dates from the 17th century, where the frame maker of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn used to have his gallery. 
All the spaces have been brought up to date, and I have to say the owners have done an impeccable job. The suites look fresh and full of character, each designed and decorated individually. Moreover, I consider the “Negen straatjes” as one of the best of Amsterdam, so location wise, it doesn’t get much better than this. 
I hope my relatives will choose the Hotel IX for their stay, so I can have a look myself. Otherwise, I will definitely be staying there when spending a night (or more) in Amsterdam.
XO Camilla

Pictures by Hotel IX

The “Negen straatjes” area
The “Negen straatjes” area

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