A ''new'' loft in the south of the Netherlands

Last year, one of our best friends decided to move in with her boy friend. Not just in a regular apartment or finished home, but in a newly built loft. 

The new-bit sounds a bit strange, because their home is actually situated in an old factory! They kept all of the characteristic old elements, while turning the factory into a contemporary home.

The factory was split into nine homes, where the new owners could all design their homes individually. Therefore, all nine lofts have a completely different lay out and look. Love just peaking through the windows to see how people devided the rooms and made their choices for the eventual architectural plan. All are very different, and you can hardly go wrong when you have this a-ma-zing space as your starting point. Though I must say that the owners of this loft have done an impeccable job!

It has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a large hall upstairs, and a large kitchen- and living space downstairs. The pictures you find below are taken just after most off the ”big works” were done. They are now busy decorating the place, so after they are done, and settled it will be time for some -after- pictures. I really love the mix of old, industrial elements with modern and minimalist ones and the beautiful high ceilings. Every time we visit, new things have been added, and it becomes more decorated, so that’s really fun to see! 🙂


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