Trip to Greece: Santorini Island

Today it’s pooring in Belgium and this weather will unfortunately remain the same till the end of next week. The weather report even mentioned that the rest of our summer will look like fall 🙁 Personally I thought it was a good enough reason to just randomly stare at my laptop and look at our holiday pictures. It was time to write a new blogpost. 
After our four days on the island of Mykonos, we took the ferry/boat/ship to go and explore Santorini. For anyone that wants to do the same, one tip: that freakin thing is always late and the trip also takes longer than they tell you. When we arrived in the port of Fira there was a car waiting for us, which we rented for our remaining days. It was a half our drive and when we finally arrived, we were blown away by the view. In one of our next post our hotels will be mentioned. Our hotel was situated in the town called Immergovigli. It’s a town between Fira and Oia. But because we had only a small 3 days to spend in Santorini we decided to go to the place we défineletely wanted to see: Oia. It is world renown by its views, buildings and style. Moreover this town is being used in basically every american movie that is filmed in Greece. For the girls: the sisterhood of the traveling pants, is one of these movies. The steps, the donkeys (we also go to see those as well) and the beautiful buildings. 
Our first day we went for dinner at a restaurant called Floga. You can click on the name and you will be directed to their website. Camilla made sure we the best table of the restaurant, which gave us a gorgeous view over the ocean and the Oia hills while the sun was setting. The food was really nice and the staff was amazingly friendly and helpfull. Definite recommend!  After that we wandered the town for a little and went back to our hotel. The next day we went for a little swim and ofcourse in the evening out for dinner. Because it’s so hot in the daytime we went a little bit early to Oia town to check out some more of the town and walk around for a bit before our dinner. Just like Mykonos, Oia has that many shops that it will bring every girl a shopping addiction. Jewelry everywhere! We reserved our dinner at Kastro. We chose this restaurant because of its unique setting and the spot where you could literally see the sun sink in the ocean. When we were seated, the hills next to the restaurant became more crowded by the second. Everyone wanted to ensure their spot to watch the famous sun set. When this was going on and the sun was setting, their were these two people that were standing on the top of one of the Greek windmills and the guy went on his knees to propose to his girl. She was wearing a long red dress and after she said yes the entire crowd that witnessed the proposal started clapping and yelling. After that we continued to watch the sunset and enjoy our dinner. Try the shrimp spagetti, it’s amazing! So many beautiful flavours! 
When I see all of the pictures that I took during our stay, I want more. In our next post we will show you pictures of our stay and swimming adresses (yes!). I definetely think that visiting Santorini is something that I have cleared of my bucketlist. If you read blogs more often and you start following more people, you notice that a lot of them end up visiting Santorini. Now that I’ve been there, I can say to my self: been there, done that! It was amazing to see and Santorini really is one of the most unique places in the world.

Dinner at Floga!

View at Kastro restaurant

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