Trip to Greece: Agnandi homes and studios

After some of our recent posts about Mykonos you must be dreaming of visiting the island as well.

But where to stay? One word: Agnandi

The word Agnandi means “high place” and a high place it certainly was. At our arrival in Mykonos we told the cabdriver we needed to go to “Agnandi” and he immediately knew where to go. This could be either good news or bad news. 
The answer revealed itself when we were nearly there. It wasn’t just the place that was notorious, but moreover it was the very very very steep road leading towards it. And when I say very very very steep, I mean it. While we were driving up the road, to me it felt like we were going at a 90 degrees angle. Like being in a rollercoaster. A very scary rollercoaster. You should know we rented a scooter which was supposed to be delivered to the apartment so we were already asking eachother how we were going to drive there without killing ourselves. Turned out there was another road, not steep, which took 2 min extra. Yeah we preffered that road. 
As we reached the top of the hill it was hard for us not to stare at one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. Mesmerizing. On top of that it was so peaceful and quiet, just what we were looking for. A place to charge our batteries while listening to the sound of crickets chirping into the night. 
From the moment we arrived the hosts were so welcoming: Linda and Kostas thank you so much for all your kindness we had such a lovely time at Agandi! Nothing was to much and they were so friendly. 
Our studio was perfect for the two of us and everything was super clean. Every morning we woke up with the most amazing view, telling eachother that it was raining when we hadn’t opened the curtains yet. Ofcourse we knew that the other one was kidding. Every day we had blue skies and lovely summer temperatures. We felt so fortunate. 
Kostas showed us some apartments which they were renovating (he’s actually an architect) and they looked absolutely amazing! True greek architecture with subtile details and perfect simplicity. Nice sidenote: Eames chairs in each apartment! He will send us some pictures when the apartments are done, so will share them with you once I’ve received the pictures. 
Check out the photos but be carefull, you’ll want to go there 😉

The Agnandi website:


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  • Didje-Michel Goldsteen

    You were in the land of the lotos eaters, like Odysseus. And you enjoyed of the Greek magic of seascape, the architecture of the cyclades, so beatiful presented in your pictures, luxury and good food.
    What about the other place to be, Santorini? We are eager to hear about it, didje & michel


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