Trip to Greece: Mykonos town

If you’ve been reading our blog or you personally know us one thing is clear as day: We love shopping.
Let me tell you, if you’re a shopping addict, love the greek architecture and can really enjoy the little things like us Mykonos town is the place to be!

Mykonos is said to be the #1 shopping destination of Greece and now Kim and I can confirm that. The shopping in Mykonos was great and together with the divine settings this made Mykonos shopping heaven.

At daytime it is still a little bit to warm to shop till you drop, but because of the shadows of the lovely pitoresque buildings it is already possible to stroll around town a bit. And so Kim and I did. Kim is the potographer of us two and around 5 pm the light was just perfect to capture the beauty of Mykonos town.

But if you really want to shop hardcore, around 7 pm is the best time to head to town. At this time the sun has started to set and the town is cooling down. The nice thing about the center of Mykonos is that has pedestrian zone which makes it even more amzing. Go to Matoyianni street as a starting point and get lost in the cute alleys that the town has to offer. Jup, we were lost..again. But this time it was nice to be lost. Actually I would love to be lost in Mykonos again.

Each time we passed a new corner a new magnificient little street was shown to us. Everything in Mykonos town was so clean and crisp and everything was worth taking a picture, could be featured in a film,  be painted or hell, be stared at for a long long time. Yes, our strolling around took us quite some time 🙂 Mykonos really put a smile on my face.

Writing this post makes me wish I was back in Mykonos town to experience the atmosphere again.
(And I would spend even more money in the shops )
But hey, I will definitely will be back there some time..


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