Trip to Greece: Interni restaurant Mykonos

Last week Kim and I went on our trip to the Ionian islands Mykonos and Santorini. It was fabulous.

The islands were both amazing, we loved the greek architecture and the people were oh so kind. 
In short, head over heels! Can’t wait to fill you guys in:)

Our first stop was in Mykonos where we booked an appartment just outside of mykonos city. It was set on top of a hill and the view was just lovely. Will mention these apartments later, since we’re still working on those pictures. 
Our first night we decided to go for some true fine dining. I had done my homework and had already made reservations at the Interni restaurant. 
Interni is one of the best reaturants of Mykonos and has a very cosmopolitan vibe, which we love 🙂
On top of this the restaurant is designed by Paola Navone, a designer we absolutely worship. 
In an earlier post we already mentioned the painted rugs in her summer house but that’s not the only thing we love about her style! Paola Navone is a true citizen of the world and is inspired by different cultures and settings therefore her designs take you all over the world. 
Interni is set in the core of Mykonos town, in the pedestrian zone. You’ll find it in one of the many magnificient, pitoresque alleys that the town offers. The street (Matoyianni street) is one of the shopping hotspots and perfect for some wandering around and gazing at the lovely shops (yes ofcourse we did some shopping!). 
As soon as you step into the door of Interni, the style of Paola Navone is all around. We first encountered a sort of a small entrace room, with a lounge set and some inspirational books. The setting was just perfect. It was like stepping into the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland. A realy refined, stylish rabbit hole that is. As we proceed, the hostess of the evening is welcoming us at the bottom of the stairs and as I walk down I try to walk as elegant as I can, trying not to trip because of my high heels. 
The restaurant has a gorgeous garden like  backdrop and just feels sophisticated and crisp as soon as you walk down the stairs. The backlighting is magnificient and the big tree in the middle immediately catches the eye. It serves as a center piece in the middle of all the design pieces and I find myself speechless. Everything is just right. 
Kim had a lovely goatcheese salad and I had gnocchi with cream and figs. Let me tell you, my gnocchi was mouthwattering. Plus the restaurant serves my favourite water Panna!
As a dessert we had some kind of strawberry delight. Fresh strawberrys, ice cream, crumble and  meringue from heaven. 
The Interni restaurant was cosy, hip and elegant at the same time. Very nice for a night with the girls or for a romantic evening. Definitely recommendable!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Okay.. now I’m hungry

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  • M. Hertzberger

    Girls again a super story and I know you two had a wonderful time on the Ionian islands Mykonos and Santorini. Keep on writing girls.

    I love you story's Keep on writing girls!!!!!

    lots of love Margjen x


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