Creative storage

Just this morning I was reading an article about what we (all of us) would like to change most in our homes. With a great majority of the voting ”storage” came out to be number one on our list of irritations.

Whether it is an unorganized desk or kids toys laying around everywhere, we all want our homes to be more organized. Since we will be moving to a smaller house we will also need to be creative with our space. I mean..what would I do without all the stuff I haven’t looked at for probably ten years? Crazy.. but yet it happens. I thought my tips on creative storage could help the rest of you too. No matter what your current living situation is, being efficient with your storage will maxime your space and keep you organized. 
There are three tips to keep in mind:
1.  Disguise it 
As I was saying, we all have our stuff. But if you want your rooms to be organized, all of the different colours, sizes and all randomness will mess with that! So tip one is disguise it. In the picture you see a way to organize all of your office maps, important documents, pencils or whatever. These baskets disguise all that with their own shape and texture. 
2. Hide it. 

My second storage tip is to make better use of spaces. For example you have you have all of your shoes, but you only wear one pair a day (okay, okay we women change pairs through the day), so the rest of them don’t need to be hanging around. You can make use of space under your bed or like in the pictures make use of the stairs. In the second picture they found a way to make sure their biscycles wouldn’t be stolen anymore. Very clever!

3. Prioritize

It’s important to be strategic when organizing your storage. Things you need frequently should be stowed where you can easily access them. Things you rarely use can go in those hard-to-reach top cabinets or tucked away in the garage.

And integrate!

It’s a coincidence that both images contain fire wood. But they have simply used their spaces to the max. On the first picture even the closet has been built in the wall. Magnificient!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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