Beautiful spots around the world episode 2: Puro Beach , Mallorca, Spain

Last week I started a range of blogposts on spas around the world but today I decided to transform it into “Beautiful spots around the world”.

 I think I shouldn’t limit myself to just spas because there are just so many beautiful spots in the world! In this range of posts I will highlight spas, hotels, restaurants, bars, anything you can think of. I will include my own experiences, but also spots on my wishing list. 
So heads up because here is episode 2 🙂
Episode 2: Puro Beach, Mallorca, Spain

Two years ago my sister and I went to Mallorca for holiday. And let me tell you, it was a memorable one. 
Not only because of the amazing food, people and beautiful island as a whole, but more because of some of our stupidities. 
You see, my sister Kim isn’t the geography wizz and Kim reading maps will turn out in a train wreck. 
How do I know? In Mallorca I gave the map to Kim once, which resulted in a 3 hour trip on a scooter through the inlands of Mallorca. We ended up with no gas in the middle of nowhere, having to hitchhike to the next petrol station. Just splendid :). Moreover, we found ourselves riding on the highway with the next exit being far away. 
Another memorable thing, way more beautiful than that anecdote, is the beach club we stayed at for a few days: Puro beach. I had heard of it before we went to Mallorca and just wanted to check it out for a day. From the moment we stepped into the beach club we were simply amazed. Immediately, without have spent a second there, we decided to book for the rest of the week because we were simply head over heels.  And who wouldn’t be?
Nice atmosphere, bohemic feel, perfect view, nice food (pick the goatscheese salad! just yummm), and most of all friendly staff. We were treated like princesses. Must-go once in your life!
love Camilla

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