Brick by brick

 Hi there! Long time no.. blog? Yesterday my summer holiday started, thank god!!!, so today is a day of sleeping in, watching dvd’s that I’ve probably seen at least 15 times before today and ofcourse, writing a new blog post. 

One of our very first Instagram posts was a picture of an office with a half painted brick wall, which you can find here. And since I’ve been watching loads of Gossip Girl, I felt kind of inspired to work the brick wall them, which the Humphrey’s (family in the series) seem to work so well in their Brooklyn loft (picture 1). 
I have to admit, I also really like clean, not over accessorized, modern interiors. But yet this gives me such a cozy, creative feeling that I think it can be a definite must for a home. I don’t necesarrily like the very red brick stone, but more the white wash version. It gives a earthy tone to a structured interior and makes it more rustic. You can spice it up by using colours, like in picture five or just paint it half. It is perfect to combine with vintage items and art (black and white prints!). You can use industrial ligting or mix it up with a chandelier for instance. I personally love chandeliers in combination because it gives it a more feminine twist. 
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Love, Kim 
Gossip Girl – The Humphrey loft

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