Spas around the world: Aman spa in Amangari

Aaaand then the weekend was already over.. Yes, time flies when you’re having fun and have lots to do. Definitely the second part of that expressions lately resembles my life. Loooads to do!
So last week I’ve just been so tired of my busy life that I’m seeking some peace and quiet to relax. Just to get my act together. There is school work, work, friends, social life, family, horses, dogs, fitness (Okay okay I admit, I never fitness. But I would if I had the time ;), eating, sleeping, and the most important one of all (or at least top 3) shopping of course.

There are places designed for my wish.. Spas! As a reply to my own stress I will search the globe for the best, most spectacular and beautiful spas in the following weeks. Join me on my trip as I run into some of the world’s most luxurious retreats 🙂

Today’s spa: the Aman spa at Amangari, Utah, United States.

This baby is set at Amangari, a protected Utah valley. Just the scenery of this spa is enough to conclude it in my list as it is near the overwelming Grand Canyon. The spa is designed by renowned architects Rick Joy,Marwan al-sayed and wendell Burnette and I got to say, they did one hell of a job. 

As you enter this mirage in the dessert you will find a reception and lounge area with a reflection pool and fireplace and as you go large wooden doors will open to a striking outdoor pool -heated in the winter, cooled in the summer- and find yourself gazing at the view.

All treatments are Navajo-inspired next to other services such as are pedicure, gym and yoga.
But the most outstanding treatment is the floatation therapy to ensure complete relaxation.

The spa completely fits the area, as well as in colour as in structure.

Just wow. Ultimate silence. Enjoy people!

Have a nice evening or day, depend on your timezone 🙂

Love Camilla

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