I just have this thing with rooftops..

I just have this thing with rooftops, just like Chuck Bass. Anybody who enjoys (read: absolutely addicted to) the American series Gossip Girl just as much as I do, will know what I’m talking about.

While I’m affraid of heights, I do love the idea of rising above the city or when I’m in a very dreamy mood, “above the world”. Just being by yourself or even better with a loved one, gazing at the stars. Undescribable.


Whoops, busted. Yeaaaah my mind just floated away for a few minutes. Promise I will be focused now 🙂

As a response to this fascination and our new apartment with a quite large terrace I really indulged myself with breathtaking pictures of exceptional rooftop gardens and terraces. So what if an entire garden doesn’t fit my terrace? Just take peaces of inspiration and translate it to your own space.

I think every successful (rooftop) terrace needs the following elements:

  • Lounge set or dining set
  • Pillows
  • Plants 
  • Lots of lights, think candles, lanterns anything!
  • Where possible, difference in height
  • Outdoor kitchen or barbecue
Now indulge yourself with these inspiration pics and dream away like me!
Have a wonderful day,  

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