'' Nice painted rug! Painted what?! ''

Recently, we posted a picture on our instagram account (you can follow us by clicking on the right icon in the left corner of this homepage) that included a white rug which had been painted on a concrete floor. I had never seen anything like it! So I did some research 🙂

The picture we found is one of many. It is part of a series of pictures of interior designer Paola Navone’s summer house. She has added these painted rugs and painted concrete more than once in her own home, even outside! She transforms 3D into 2D and gives industrial design a new twist. Personally I would love to add it to my own room, and since we will be moving anytime soon maybe I even can! You can also paint these rugs on wood and with different colours, so you can make it your ultimate custom made rug. Besides the creative look it’s also very practical because you are not limited to regular rug sizes, you can choose where it starts and ends where ever you like it to!
I don’t know if you are inspired, but I definitely am!

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