Decorating ideas: Magazines and books

My god what a lovely sunday morning it is today. Here in Holland it’s a very sunny day and 24 oC or 75 oF with lushing blue skies. This is the kind of weather that we’re looking for.

 While writing this blog I’m laying in the sun looking at my horses in the green field. I think (read: I know for sure) that I’ll be spending the  rest of my day right here, with this sunbed. While I’m tanning I like to read magazines just to keep myself a bit occupied. I like to read fashion magazines, interior magzines or travel magazines as long as there are beautiful pictures in it and the cover of the magazines intrigues me.
But there is anoher reason why I think the cover and the pictures are so important than just  reading experience. The layout of a magazine can be a wonderful decorative object in an interior!
I like black and white pictures or just very simple colour pallets like pastels. Books can be used as well and are sometimes even more beautuful because of the size. For some inspiration pics, check below 😉
Well, I might get on with my tanning and reading now! Wishing you a sunday that is just as nice as mine 🙂

P.S. Going to make sushi tonight, will show pictures in next post!

My morning view:)

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