Photographer we absolutely love: Hannah Lemholt

When I go to school I most of the times travel by train, just because it’s free for students. Last week was no exception. When I arrive at the trainstation I always have about 10 minutes of time to kill before my train leaves. 

So I always step by a book store and look in to some magazines, which I hardly ever buy. I just do some non stop page turning and go to the next. But then I encountered an amazing spread in this month’s Elle Decor. Just that moment I had to run to my train, so I quickly took a picture of the name of the stylist and photographer and ran. When I eventually got to my seat, thank god, I looked up the names on the net. ”Hannah Lemholt”, turned out to be a scandanavian photographer an also happened to have a blog. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Such a talented woman. She shoots interiors, but also portraits and other random stuff she likes. During my search I also discovered that a lot of pictures that I saved as inspiration turned out to be her pictures. I just love here style. Her photo’s have a calm, soft and balanced look. Not with very vibrant colours or anything but definetely not boring. I have posted some of my favourite interior pictures below, but the list goes on and on. Make sure you also look at her other work!
It’s all about the detail. 
Love, Kim 

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