Four poster fascination

Lately I’ve developed a new fascination: four poster beds. I don’t know were this facination comes from but maybe it’s because the style of a four poster bed suits me so well. Why?

Recently, okay not very recently, just as long as I can remember, I have had many nicknames of which dutchess, queen and princess Camilla are often used. You see, I think four poster beds have a royal vibe, just for the lucky ones and therefore I think I deserve one as well. Just to suit my nice ”image”. A nice example of making the best out of a bad situation 🙂 Just kidding. Am I though? 😉

No for real, I think four poster beds are just magnificient! They bring a kind of symmetry to a bed room and it highlights the vertical lines of the room, making it more spacious. It gives a touch of cachet, of luxury and when it’s done properly it will be a true eye-cather. 
Of couse there are many different styles and sizes of four poster and canopy beds, so pick your favourite 🙂 


I know, not a real four poster but I just love this room! And there are two posts 🙂
Seriously, you can see where I’m coming from right? Love the symmetry.
+ love the used concrete! Kim did a post about concrete last week, check it out. 


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