Be concrete!

Time for a fresh blog post! We have been very busy last week with school, work, and school and work (don’t even get me started) so we had a little blog pauze. But since I have a week of spring holiday, I thought it was time to get back in the saddle (or chair, or whatever). 

Notice I am still in a sort of stressing, doubting mood? GOSH. Okay. So.. I have a new facination: concrete! I have posted something on Instagram about it as well (right icon in the left top-corner!! Follow:)). 
Totally love it. I think it looks clean, modern but still, when you mix it up with the right elements, gives a cozy feel. It perfectly combines for example with wood, glass and metal/iron products, and I personally really like the combination with chandeliers on pictures 9 and 10 ,which have a vintage feel. I really like concrete because to me it looks very.. I dont know.. quiet? It balances all the loud products, accessoiries or whatever you add to the room. Yeah, I really like concrete. 
Love, Kim (I know.. wrong account, I mentioned my current state of mind right?)

Sources: Pinterest

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