Tips and tricks for small rooms

We often dream about our future: a nice job, husband (wife for others), really cool car and finally a magnificient home. For some this home tends to be a bit bigger than for others but I think I can say we have all dreamt about big spaces and high ceilings. Am I right?

Sometimes these rooms/spaces  turn out to be a bit smaller than we expected. No problem! Here are a few tips and tricks to make a room seem more spacious:

1) Use a lot of light colours (I prefer white!).
2) Place mirrors to make it seem more spacious and create more light
as mentioned in my previous post.
3) Make sure the room is tidy (big issue for myself :))
4) Get rid of all the junk.
5) Use products that are multifunctional.
6) Use every space you can think of (think out-of-the-box)
7) In bedrooms use a straight headboard, this will the attention more upways.
8) Windows and see through doors
9) Try using glass items
10) Doors that open sideways will take less space.
11) Different kinds of fabric/material will make the room feel cosy.

These ones from ikea are the best. I have them myself 🙂

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