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Basically my least favorite place to be is my desk, not because I hate the space, or my computer or just sitting there, because it means I have to be serious. In my case this means doing school work, which I don’t necessarily love 🙂 But there’s a counter side to it.

 Since my concentration level sometimes seems to be at te level of a goldfish my thoughts drift of. I always come up with the best ideas, which most of the time have nothing to do with what I am doing at that moment, when I am not supposed to.

Because work is not the most inviting thing to get you to sit at that desk, it’s even more important to make the desk, or workplace, look inviting. Mine definetely needs a makeover to boost my motivation and because of that I have been doing much resarch for inspirational images. They all contain some sort of simplicity and I love those ”Charles Ormond Eames” chairs (reproductions), the white chairs. Which image do you like best?

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  • Didje-Michel Goldsteen

    Dear girls. You ask me mij favorite workdesk. I shall tell you witch and why .The second photo where i sit in front off the oval window staring outside . There i can drive away with my thoughts on the sailing clouds instead off doing my homework .(daydreaming) nice ,nice, nice! W . L. O D.


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