When I think of Easter, there is something magical. Something that feels like a Christmas morning. (Number five of the pictures below even shows an Easter tree!) Families are spending their days together, doing just that little something extra to make these days special.

We always start our Easter days with a special Easter breakfast. The entire table will be filled with stuff to put on your bread, sugar bread, croissants, bunny shaped bread or whatever the mums can find that is shaped like a bunny, chicken or an egg. With that we drink a nice cup of tea or some fresh orange juice. However it still wouldn’t feel like Easter without all the decorations, bold or subtile, pretty or just amazingly awfull, they all contribute to that special feeling.

Here is some inspiration to fill your homes with. And remember, chocolate is made of cacao, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. So basically chocolate is salad. And therefore, there is no reason to pass on those lovely chocolate eggs 🙂 I know I won’t!

2. How to? Check:
3. DIY, so cute!

4.  The Easter tree!
5. Blossom and eggs 
6. Start with melting white chocolate and add some coloring. Then dip the strawberries in the chocolate and decorate with candy writers.
7. Strawberries or carrots? 😉
8. Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs 🙂
9. Bowls: H&M webshop

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