Flamant, Antwerp

Yesterday we decided to make a trip to Antwerp to do some shopping and to visit Flamant, an interiorstore. If you don´t know this store/brand you should definetely look it up because they have amazing taste.

Flamant has a Belgian origin and has stores in Belgium, France but also Hamburg and Milano. Their style is elegant and timeless, from classic to modern to urban classic. They recently moved their concept store in Antwerp to ” Koetshuis van het Paleis op de Meir”, an old building which in the past has been used to stable horses. But before you encounter this beautiful store, you can walk through the court of the Palace of the Meir, which is now used as terrace for visitors. It is an very high building with gorgeous high windows. Anyways, you can see it for youserlf on the pictures below 🙂

This is their website: http://www.flamant.com

Details of Camilla’s outfit. Love!
First we had lunch, because we are always hungry 🙂 This is Camilla. 
Entrance of the Palace, walk through there and you see the Flamant store. 
The court of the palace, LOVE those high windows and shutters!
Details 🙂
The back of the Palace, an amazing view
And then… you see Flamant. On the picture you see my mum 🙂

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