Summer dreaming

Does the early spring sunshine also makes you wish it was
summer already? Sipping cocktails and swinging at summer parties, meeting new
people and getting to know exotic places? Well, I think if you weren’t  fancying summer yet, you are now.

I love summer. People get into a complete different vibe,
enjoying life even more. Maybe it’s because of the summer dresses and the cute
nailpolish on our toes or the birds singing all day long, but everything seems better
when the sun is shining.
Thinking about summer makes me think about the holidays. I
think everybody should go away for at least a week, just to get all the stress
of the busy life out of your system. Being a real planner, almost the obsessive
kind, I immediately start searching for the nicest places to go and therefore
the nicest hotels.
Each hotel has a different attitude which makes it unique.
One is very trendy, the other very luxurious, while the third has a country-side style. This vibe is composed by different features such as the
architecture, the interior and the staff. All this contributes to the hotel’s
image which makes it an essential component.

I’ve seen some extraordinary hotels in the past and I’m
wondering which ones you think are absolutely amazing. Below are some hotels of which
I think are some of the most beautifull in the world.

                                                The Selman hotel in Marrakech

                                                       Punta tragara in Capri

                                         Katikies hotel in Santorini

                                         The Manadarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona

                                                      Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa

                                         The Necker Island hotel, Brirtish Virgin Islands

Hacienda na Xamena in Ibiza                                       

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